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Infrared Thermometer: A High Tech Tool for Bee Removal

Why would a bee removal technician or beekeeper need an infrared thermometer?

You might know that an infrared thermometer is a commonly used tech tool of AC/Heating repair contractors to contact-free way to detect or find a variation in heat source. In other words, infrared thermometers are often used to determine where heat is escaping through a wall or close to a furnace or duct work. When pointed across an open area, this tech tool should indicate where the temperature changes (increases).

Accurately Locating the Beehive or Bee Nest

When performing live bee nest/hive removal from within a hidden areas of a home, it can be very difficult to accurately determine the location of the bee nest within a wall. Bees may get inside of a home from one visible location, but the actual nest could be several feet away. That’s why a bee removal tech will never know the exact location of the nest until a hole is cut into the wall.

Benefits of Using an Infrared Thermometer for Live Bee Removal

An infrared thermometer can help bee control technicians to locate heat signature generated by the bee nest/hive within a void. This in turn makes it possible to minimize unnecessary or inaccurate cutting into the wall to extract the nest or hive. Therefore, an infrared thermometer can not only save time and money, but can reduce the stress bees may face during the live bee removal process.

If you would you like to learn more about why a bee removal technician would use an infrared thermometer, please contact The Beekeeper Total Bee Control, Phoenix, AZ

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