iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Not Charging Because Lightning Port Loose

One day, I noticed that my iPhone 6s was not charging when I plugged in the lightning port to the wall outlet. Upon closer examination, I discovered that for some reason, the lightning port was not seating securely into the port. That made me think that either the cord or port was wearing out or there was some sort of engineering defect. After saying a few choice words out loud about Apple, I went to search online for a solution.

So I searched for things like:

iPhone 6 of iPhone 7 not charging because lightning port connection at the bottom of iPhone is loose or not connecting snugly

This led me to a number of web pages, but I quickly learned that the problem was really easy to resolve. When working correctly, you should hear a little “click” sound as the end of your power cord snaps snugly into the lightning port. if it does not, then like me, you may mistakenly think it’s because your phone or power cable has worn out or is simply defective.

Solution to iPhone Loose Lightning Port

First, get a toothpick, the end of a straightened paper clip or a very small screwdriver (like the kind used for eyeglass frame screws) and gently try to scoop out any lint.  If there is lint, you’ll see it fall out as you remove the accumulated lint.

Once you’ve removed all of the lint and debris, try to plug in your power cord again. It should now plug in very tightly and make a small “click” sound.


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