By on August 8th, 2017

Three Instagram Hacks you Should be Using

Hide Other’s Instagram Stories As much as we all love Instagram Stories, sometimes they could be extremely distracting. The good thing is that you can temporarily hide them. All you need to do is to tap your home button, go through all the stories on top of your feed, hold down your finger on the picture of the story you…

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By on May 25th, 2017

How to Clear Your iPad’s Safari Cache

Is Safari on your iPad stubbornly not displaying a recent website update? Here is a simple 4 step process to clear Safari’s cache on an iPad: Step 1: Tap on “Settings” icon from your iPad’s “home” screen. Step 2: Scroll down to “Safari” and tap on it. Step 3: Scroll down until you see “Clear History and Website Data” and…

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By on May 24th, 2017

Best WP Plugin to Clear Out Cache

Having problems seeing recent updates to your WordPress website? Tried clearing your cache from various browsers and what works in Firefox does not in Chrome? Well, here’s a great plugin that solves this WP caching problem. It’s called Busted! by By Paul Clark. Just go to add a new plugin and search for Busted. Sometimes, I find that I have…

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By on May 24th, 2017

iPad Pro Tips

Search Have you ever wondered how to find something on your iPad Pro? Did you know that just by typing what you are looking for Search lets you find music, apps, contacts you name it? The best way to get to Search is from your Home Screen is simply to swipe down with your fingers and Search bar should appear.…

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By on May 22nd, 2017
By on May 18th, 2017

Can Only Access Certain Websites such as Google

For some unknown reason if you suddenly can only access certain websites (on your Windows PC) such as Google, Youtube or Facebook and you’ve tried everything, but nothing works, you’re in luck. I can’t tell you how many hours I look for and tested some suggested solutions, but to no avail.  Then, finally, when I was about to give up,…

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By on May 15th, 2017

Cox Outgoing Email Settings in Outlook 2007

If you’ve set up a Cox POP3 email account in Outlook 2007 but have experienced a problem where emails can be received but can’t be sent, you may find this of interest. It is important to make sure that the check boxes and radio button for “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”, “this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)”…

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